About Blindspot

Here I am going to give you some information about the TV serie and its characters, so you can understand better the objective of the project.

There are two main characters:

Jane Doe: She is the tattooed woman that appears inside a sports bag at the beginning of the serie in the center of Times Square. She hides a very mysterious and disturbing past.

Kurt Weller: He is the most important agent of the FBI in NYC. When he is charged with the investigation of Jane’s case, he discovers that he has known her for some time before and many events take place after that.

And here is the rest of the main characters (they are a bit less importants):

Patterson: She is the computer expert of the FBI team, she helps them lots, discovering many clues to solve the misteries of Jane’s tattoos

Edgar Reade: He is an important agent of the FBI team too, although he sometimes has doubts with the presence of Jane in the FBI office.

Tasha Zapata: She is also an agent of FBI,she works always with Weller and Reader, and actually Jane too; risking  their lives in each new case.

Bethany Mayfair: She is the director of the New York FBI’s office. She also helps them solving the problems, but she also hides some secrets.

Robert Borden: He works at the FBI as a psychologist, he is trying to help Jane to remember her forgotten memories.